Split PST Tool – Advance Utility to Reduce Outlook File Size

Split Large PST file & Outlook Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, Notes, Task, etc.

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Prominent Features of Microsoft Outlook PST Splitter

  • Split oversized multiple Outlook files into smaller PST
  • Divide Microsoft Outlook Inbox without any data loss
  • Split PST File by Date, Year, Folder & Size
  • PST Cutter tool reduce PST size & improve Outlook performance
  • Split Outlook PST tool kept meta data intact during the entire process
  • Outlook should be installed in the machine to split PST file
  • Single panel utility with simple graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Split PST software compare initial PST with Resulting PST
  • Supports all versions of MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000

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Prominent Features & Benefits of Split PST Software

Divide Large PST File

Split Large PST File

Outlook PST file Splitter Tool allows you to split oversized PST files with entire Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000) items such as emails, calendar, journal, contacts, task, notes etc. easily into multiple smaller parts. PST cutter tool also breaks ANSI and UNICODE format PST file without any data loss.

Multiple options to split PST file

4 Ways to Divide Large Outlook PST

Split PST files by following given options for customized PST management:

  • Split Outlook data file by Size
  • Split Outlook data file by Date
  • Split Outlook data file by Year
  • Split Outlook data file by Folder
Size wise Split Outlook PST File

Split PST by Size

It gives you an option to split Outlook data file by size. By using this option, user can split huge PST file into multiple PST's. To do so, you have to select size from the software panel (the size lies between the range of 5MB to 10GB) and Split Outlook PST file tool will automatically split Outlook PST into multiple parts.

Date wise split PST File

Split PST by Date

PST Splitter software provides you an option to split Outlook file by Date. By using this option, you can easily split large PST file by date. To do so, you have to select a specific date and software will split Outlook data file date wise in two parts

Split Outlook PST File by Year

Split PST by Year

If you want to split oversized PST File on yearly basis, then you have to select the option Split Outlook PST file Year wise. After selecting this option, the Outlook PST splitter tool will automatically break PST data on the yearly basis. The software will create a separate Outlook Data file for each year (only of the stipulated years).

Folder wise split PST File

Split PST by Folder

With this option, you can split multiple PST File for each folder (including Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, etc.) by size. This will create Single Outlook PST file for each folder within the PST File and further split the folder by size specified by you.

Split Outlook Archive Files

Split Outlook Archive Files

The Split PST tool also allows splitting archive.pst file/folder. It gives you an option to break Outlook data archive by date, size, year and folder which could be handled easily after importing in MS Outlook.

Oversize PST Corruption

Oversized PST Corruption Issue

The PST File Splitter does not allow to split corrupted Outlook File. Although, you can divide a PST file of size closer to 2 GB (ANSI PST File). In case, if your Outlook file is corrupted,then first you need to repair it.

Optimize Outlook Performance

Increase Outlook performance

Split PST software increases Outlook's performance by reducing Outlook Data File's Size. User can reduce Outlook size by diving them into smaller parts.

Email Meta Data
Keep META Data intact

The Outlook PST splitter Software splits large PST files and kept all META DATA intact such as cc, bcc, attachments, sent/receive etc. as it was during splitting process

CSV Report
Compare Initial & Resulting PST

After the splitting process, the Split PST file tool generates a CSV report whereby you can compare your initial & resulting PST files.

Support Outlook Versions
Support all versions

The Split PST software supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and MS Windows including Window 8.

Split Outlook PST Software – For Enhanced PST Management

"Is the Outlook file related issues like slower performance, precarious management, oversize issues etc. disconcerting you? - If YES!! Get PST File Splitter tool to resolve your queries!!"

Issues due to large Size of Outlook PST File

Outlook Management and Related Issues

Huge email data creates major problems in Outlook. Due to large PST data files, Management of Outlook becomes difficult. This management of Outlook issues can be solved by splitting large PST File into smaller parts.

2 GB File

2 GB PST Size and Related Issues

Earlier version of Outlook has size limitation of 2 GB. If size exceed that limit, users has to face problems like, PST can't be loaded, Can't copy any things, Cannot add any New PST to Outlook etc. There will be also chances of Outlook corruption due to that.


Outlook Slow Performance Rate

Large number of PST file can reduce working pace of Outlook. It will reduce Outlook running speed which will directly effect Outlook performance. To speed up Outlook performance it is necessary to divide large PST file by using PST file splitter.

Outlook Emails

Outlook Emails Account Deactivated

The entire data from the Outlook PST file is valuable so while the account will be deactivated then also the data is retained. In order to customize data storage, split large PST file and take along only needed data.

Download Split PST Software to Split Outlook PST Files

Our Outlook PST splitter software is prominent to keep users' PST data as it is after finishing operation to split PST into multiple files. Outlook users can follow the trial tool first for checking all the capabilities stored in it which will surely let them know the facilities offered by product. However, the trail execution also assists to learn entire process of splitting PST files. After trail tour, Outlook users will have to get a license of software for uninterrupted PST file division as the free tool is limited in performance.

Download free version of Split PST software to check stability of the tool before investing money on it. Free version allows users to split 50 emails from MS Outlook without any cost. If you use "Split Outlook File by Folder" option then you will be able to split 10 emails from each folder. Satisfied users, who want to split unlimited PST files can buy full version at $49

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